IVT Vitamin Drip Treatments: Just a Fad?

You may have seen some of your favorite Hollywood celebrities recently flaunting their new technique for kicking their hangover or improving their health. Intravenous vitamin therapy (IVT), or vitamin drip treatment, has become a recent fad in the health and wellness scene, but there has been pushback from doctors due to the lack of research and ethical conundrums surrounding the practice.

IVT is the practice of intravenously injecting a customized blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to help fill a vitamin deficiency and improve wellness. Since nutrients are immediately injected into the bloodstream, users are able to reap the benefits much faster than with traditional oral vitamin consumption. While IVT was once reserved for those with critical medical conditions or vitamin deficiencies, people are now using IVT to slow the aging process, fight fatigue, boost athletic performance, enhance energy, and more.

IVT “clinics” have been popping up throughout the country and are often marketed as a hangover cure or solution to a vitamin deficiency issue. For the recreational IVT user, there is often multiple sessions to administer a customized cocktail of vitamins straight into the bloodstream. Doctors will either recommend a vitamin blend based off of the patient’s symptoms or will conduct micronutrient testing. While this can be extremely beneficial for those with a medical condition or vitamin deficiency, the recreational use of IVT can be potentially unsafe. Just as with any other vitamin supplement, too much can be a bad thing and it should be discussed with your doctor. While prescribing IV drugs requires a medical license, many in the medical community worry that doctors are not heavily involved with delivering treatment at these “medical spas” and many business have also been unwilling to disclose the source of their products.

One of the primary issues arising out of the growing recreational use of IVT is a shortage of necessary vitamins for critically ill patients. Besides the lack of research, doctors fear that recreational IVT is creating an ethical dilemma. Critical nutrients such as zinc, selenium, copper, multiple vitamin infusion, potassium, sodium, and vitamin K are in short supply and IVT sites are now directly competing with clinical care facilities. Members of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition treat patients who are unable to eat and utilize IVT everyday to keep critically ill patients alive. Questions about the safety and ethics of recreational IVT has sparked a national debate among the medical community.

Despite the growing trend of IVT, there are still skeptics. Many people have found benefits from the recreational use of the treatment, but others are not so sure. Further research should reveal the medical benefits, safety standards, and supply and demand dilemmas of recreational IVT.

Many people are able to get enough of the nutrients their body requires from diet alone. However, many others require a vitamin supplement to receive certain vitamins that may be missing due to dietary restrictions or a medical condition. The National Institute of Health warns that vitamins contain active ingredients that can cause problems in excess, so it’s important to monitor the amount of vitamins you’re putting into your body and to consult with your doctor when using any new products. Before adding a vitamin supplement to your diet, here are a few basic questions to discuss with your medical provider:

  • What are the potential health benefits of this dietary supplement product?
  • What are its potential benefits for me?
  • Does this product have any safety risks?
  • What is the proper dose to take?
  • How, when, and for how long should I take it?

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