Why You Should Be Taking Digestive Enzymes

If the body is out of balance it just does not function at its best.  There are certain things your gut battles with regularly that lets you know things are out of balance.  Chronic battles with gas, indigestion, constipation or bloating is just the beginning.  You might even struggle with reflux after your meals or worse your food does not completely digest and shows signs in your stool after bowel movements.  All these signs point to digestive enzyme deficiencies.  That natural joy experienced when eating is strained with possibilities of digestive issues.  Relief is out there and there are steps you can take to learn how to effectively achieve and maintain healthy levels of digestive enzymes.

Digestive enzymes are used to break down foods in our body and absorb nutrients.  They are small proteins that act a certain way inside foods in order to break foods down.  Certain enzymes must be present.  If the enzyme is missing then the body cannot digest it.  A body deficient or missing enzymes struggles to break down foods.   This means the body may not break foods down totally.  This often leads to digestive tract issues.

Once food enters the mouth the digestion process begins.  When it reaches the stomach, hydrochloric acid starts breaking down proteins. Next the pancreas takes over which is where the majority of digestive enzymes are made.  Juice from the pancreas is released into the small intestine.  These enzymes now work together to break food down so it can be absorbed.  The major enzymes produced by the pancreas are:

  • Lipases which breaks down fats
  • Amylases which breaks down starches
  • and Proteases and peptidases which break down proteins

There are other enzymes but these are used to break down foods and absorb nutrients

The health of your gut is affected if digestion and absorption is a problem.  Many suffer from mal-nourishment because nutrients are not being absorbed.  Undigested food ends up as bloated bellies, gas and possible acid reflux.  This leads to more bad bacteria then good in the body.  You must know if you are deficient and how to repair that.

There are some medical medicine diagnoses for enzyme deficiencies including:

  • Pancreatitis
  • Cystic fibrosis and
  • Crohn’s disease

However, many factors play a role in digestive enzyme deficiencies.  A more holistic approach recognizes how many health issues contribute to enzyme deficiency.  An intestinal problem called leaky gut allows toxins, and undigested food particles to get into your body through your bloodstream.  This health issue contributes to an enzyme deficiency.  If you are sensitive to certain foods then your body’s enzyme production is less.  If your stomach isn’t producing enough stomach acid this is a deficiency.  In order for stomach acid to activate enzymes there must be enough acid in the stomach.  Other factors such as stress, aging and even genetics contribute to enzyme deficiencies.

Increase your digestive enzymes to take pressure off the intestines.  You do this by replenishing using supplements specific for digestive enzyme health.  Restored digestive enzymes create an environment in your intestines that breaks foods down and absorbs its nutrients most effectively.   Chronic gastrointestinal problems improve as does your quality of life.  Your supplement should contain a full range of enzymes to effectively address intestinal problems.

Digestive enzyme supplements are a step in the right direction.  Make sure you select quality supplements beneficial to your gut health needs.  Poor quality supplements are a waste of time and money.  Make sure your multi-enzyme selection has several enzymes listed.  Since there are many enzymes supplements available, make sure it has enzymes that break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Digestive enzyme supplements come in strengths or potency.  Select a product that has this listed to ensure you receive an effective product.  Make sure only the ingredients you want and need are listed.  Ingredients like dairy, sugar, salt, wheat, milk, soy, gluten and preservatives you want to avoid.  If the product does not state these are not included you should assume they are.

Gut health affects your entire body.  Wellness begin in our bellies.  Quality of life is challenged if each day is a battle with your intestines.  Using digestive enzymes is your first step to restoring and preventing further intestinal damage.  Digestive enzymes is a step in the right direction to help the health of your gut.


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