The Prevalence Of Vitamin Deficiency In The United States

Vitamin deficiencies exist in the United States population affecting our young and old.  People struggle with fatigue, muscle and joint pain and think rest is the answer.  A closer look may show symptoms of nutritional deficiencies.  Living in a world where everything is available it is hard to conceive people living in the United States suffering from vitamin deficiency.  However, living in a society focused on weight loss more than better health, it is not uncommon to be faced with improper balances in nutrition.

Understanding Vitamin Deficiency

At the basic level of cell function, nutritional deficiencies alter bodily processing and functioning.  Things like digestion, water balance, functioning enzymes and nerve signaling have a direct connection with nutrient deficiencies. Cebatek allows you to receive proper supplementation needed to resolve nutrient deficiencies so you can have ideal growth, function, and development.

America gives a lot of attention to losing weight and eating lower fat meals.  This type of advertising drives how many Americans view healthy living and eating.  The focus on food is about the calories and fat it has with little attention to the nutrients it offers or should have.  Based on studies from the Center for Disease Control people who live in the United States overwhelming show a vitamin B6, vitamin D and iron deficiencies.  There were also results of vitamin A, E and folate deficiencies but they were not as significant.

In a quest for thinness Americans suffer specific nutrient deficiencies in their daily diet.  Over time, such deficiencies open the door for chronic illness and weakened immune systems making them more susceptible to disease and overall diminishing quality of healthy life.  If you can identify the deficiencies you suffer you are able to work with their team of experts to help you develop the proper blend of vitamins and supplements to balance your malnutrition needs.  It is challenging getting the right combination of nutrition from our diets.  This is especially true with food more focused on weight loss and less on nutrition.  Many important nutrients are stripped from foods leaving Americans over 65% malnourished and lacking a healthy diet.  Nutritional deficiencies make the body vulnerable to decreased energy, anemia, depression, fertility problems, lower immune and more.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps strengthen bones and prevents conditions like glucose intolerance, hypertension diabetes and many more.  Your cardiovascular system is compromised when there is a Vitamin D deficiency.  People also battle with asthma and depression are often Vitamin D deficient.   Vitamin D is best absorbed through the sun, but if you are limited to sun exposure it is easy to become deficient.  If you cannot get about 30 minutes of sun exposure daily, or eat enough of the right foods then a supplement is ideal to make sure you get this important vitamin to improve your quality of life.


This essential mineral is a major part of red blood cells.  It binds to hemoglobin which is the protein molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to bodily tissues and returns carbon dioxide back to the lungs.  Even though it provides an important function in the body, it is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies.  Anemia is often a by-product of iron deficiency.  Symptoms of weakness, tiredness, weak immune system and impaired brain function are signs of an iron deficiency.  If your dietary sources are limited, then an iron supplement is the right approach to make sure you get this important vital mineral.

Vitamin B6

You may not know this, but Vitamin B6 is a main player in preserving cell health and keeping you revitalized.  Vitamin B helps the body turn food into energy.  It also helps the body fight infection and is essential for pregnant and breastfeeding women to help their babies brains develop normally.  Deficient levels of B6 could lead to anemia, depressions, skin disorders such as dermatitis and mental confusion.  There are several foods that have Vitamin B6, but if you experience certain signs and symptoms that could be an indicator you need to supplement.

Know the signs and take the steps necessary to avoid nutrient deficiencies.  Go online at CebeTek the family-owned private label supplement manufacturer.  With more than 60 years in the health field, CebaTek is a leader in providing dietary supplements.  Their experts ask you the right questions to manufacture the right products for your ideal health. 


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