The Vitamins Your Skin Craves

Healthy, nourished skin is definitely one of the most attractive things for your body.  When your skin looks good you feel great.  Many don’t realize that our skin is an organ and it is exposed like no other part of your body.  That means it needs protection and care.  Just soap and water is not enough.  For vibrant and supple skin, it must be cared for daily.  This means certain vitamins and minerals are essential for glowing skin.  Without proper skin care you are exposed to:

  • wrinkles
  • dark spots
  • dry skin
  • redness
  • rough patches of skin and more

To reduce the signs of aging skin care is a must.  As you develop your skin care regimen, include these must have vitamins to make your skin the best it can be.

Protection from ultraviolet rays is a must to keep skin from aging prematurely.  Yes, you need protective sunscreen, but you need the sun.  Just 10 minutes a day and you absorb vitamin D throughout your skin.  This is how Vitamin D is utilized to make healthy cells.  It is the infection fighting vitamin so it keeps acne away and clears the path for blemish free skin.

Your skin care is not complete without Vitamin C.  It is a major ingredient found in skin care products.  It is an antioxidant or fighter for your skin that keeps collagen firm and healthy.  It compliments your sunscreen by decreasing cell damage and aids in the healing process of bodily wounds.  Vitamin C is a definite power hitter for youthful skin.  It puts a break on signs of aging because it is a natural collagen synthesis. It heals the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

No one wants oily skin and no one wants dry skin.  Where is the happy medium?  It is in that oily substance that comes through our pores and makes Vitamin E.  Think of Vitamin E as a skin conditioner that prevents dryness.  If your skin does not produce enough sebum that oily substance from your pores then Vitamin E to the rescue.  It conditions and soothes skin irritations.  A challenge with Vitamin E is when you get exposed to the sun which destroys and minimizes its effectiveness.  Vitamin E supplement helps ensure you receive the recommended 15mg daily for optimal skin conditioning treatment.

People run, play sports, exercise and recreationally play hard.  Vitamin K helps our body blood clot to help it heal.  This works great on scars and wounds since injuries do happen.  Other signs of aging including scars, dark spots and even dark circles under the eyes improve with daily Vitamin K supplements.  There are a variety of topical creams available.   The skin conditioning is effective in reducing swelling and bruising which speeds healing.  Vitamin K is an active ingredient in products to help minimize stretch marks and spider veins.  Remember Vitamin K is essential to building stronger bones too.

It is a documented fact that Vitamin A reduces wrinkles, fades brown spots and smooth rough skin.  It is a must have Vitamin if your mission is youthful looking skin.  Skin tissue is delicate and needs maintenance and repair provided from Vitamin A.  Nourished skin retains moisture it is not dry and flaky.  Such deficiency symptoms instantly benefit from daily Vitamin A supplements.  Vitamin A it could help control acne while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Your skin is exposed all the time and needs protecting from the harsh environment we live in.  Vitamin B3 boost the production of ceramides and fatty acids.  Both are your skin’s outer protection shell.  The stronger the shell the better able to keep irritants out and moisture in.  Vitamin B3 also stops pigmentation on skin cells so you have less dark spots.  It is also beneficial in helping develop healthy skin cells to give your skin that healthy glow.

Often when we think of skin care our main focus is the face.  It is important to look your facial best there is no denying that.  However, smooth arms, legs and even toned skin looks amazing all over the body.  Dark spots, dry skin and wrinkles show not just on our faces.  Include these must have vitamins every day and get glowing skin from head to toe.


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