Best Supplements for Spring Allergies

Spring allergies are one of the most common issues faced by many every single year. These allergies can cause issues from sneezing and runny noses to the more severe congested sinuses and itchy red eyes. This can be irritating and frustrating especially because some allergies last from Spring all the way into Fall. So what do most people do?

They quickly head out to purchase of the counter (OTC) medications that are decongestants and antihistamines. Usually they pose no severe threat to the body, although you will most likely develop an immunity to that drug and eventually it doesn’t work. So on to the next OTC available right?

Well you can do this, but the best thing for you to do is invest in supplements that help boost your immune system and provide other health benefits that help as well. Let’s stop relying on medications and simply increase our nutrient intakes to fight allergies with these supplements:

  • Acidophilus
  • Vitamin C
  • Mineral Supplements and Multivitamins
  • Quercetin
  • Fish Oil

1. Acidophilu

This ingredient is a probiotic, and probiotics are mainly known for helping support a healthy digestive system. However, there is more to them than just helping your intestines out. Acidophilu is a bacteria that is friendly to your body and known for prevention against allergies and skin conditions. Check out different probiotics and make sure this bacterial strand can be found within a 10 billion to 15 billion probiotic daily capsule.

2. Vitamin C

This vitamin is well known for increasing the immune system against colds and the flu, but people don’t often associate vitamin C with allergies. This nutrient essentially inhibits the production of histamine, which is what causes cells to induce symptoms like the runny nose. Basically OTC drugs for counters contain antihistamines, which of course do the same thing. So why not just use a cheaper supplement that helps with lots of other body functions as well?

3. Mineral Supplements and Multivitamins

Multivitamins are know as the “insurance supplement” because they give you an abundance of nutrients to ensure you have enough each day. However, the issue is they may not have enough minerals for your body since some minerals conflict with other nutrient absorption. The solution is taking a mineral supplement on top of a multi to ensure efficacy.

One study conducted took two groups to compare cell activities for immune boosting. The group that received the actual multivitamin had a better immune system than those that received the placebo multivitamin. This basically shows that improving micronutrients intake works great for Spring allergies. Remember, research studies give very high grade multivitamins to study groups that have high absorption.

Common multi’s are not the greatest in absorption, thus the reason for high amounts placed in them such as Vitamin A.

4. Quercetin

Quercetin is a bioflavinoid that is actually found within onions. Basically if you wanted one ingredient to relieve Spring allergy symptoms then this is the one. This acts as a natural anti-viral and antihistamine compound, which helps not only with allergies but the common colds as well. Quercetin is essentially going to stabilize the special immune cells, thus preventing or at least reducing the release of histamines within cells.

Vitamin C is actually a perfect mixture with Quercetin or other bioflavinoids, and should actually be used simultaneously for the best effect against Spring allergies. Together they significantly increase the immune potency against even the most severe symptoms of allergies.

5. Fish Oil

Fish contains EPA and DHA, which are simply the effective pieces that come together for essential fatty acids. There are vegan and vegetarian forms not just fish oil, but if you can have fish oil it’s much cheaper and has better proven studies for benefits. Benefits generally known are for skin health, joint lubrication, brain health and fat loss. However, fish oil also very commonly used as an anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation is quite common from Spring allergies and can cause irritation quite easily. One study even showed that people with fish oil in their red blood cells showed signs of reduced chances for hay fever, which is similar to seasonal allergies. Fish oil is simply one of the best year-round supplements to use along with a multivitamin, so no matter what these two supplements are highly recommended for Spring allergies.

Try them out for a few months of use and see what happens when Spring comes along!


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