About Us

Why We Do What We Do

At CebaTek we believe in bringing healthy living to people everywhere. Our private label services consist of manufacturing, formulating, and packaging private label vitamins and supplements with the goal of facilitating companies in bringing successful products to market.

Manufacturing Facilities

CebaTek’s state-of-the-art private label manufacturing facilities are proudly located in Melbourne, Florida. Our manufacturing process has evolved through our years of experience and comprehensive knowledge. CebaTek is a registered manufacturer with the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

About CebaTek

CebaTek is proud to be a family owned and operated private label supplement and vitamin manufacturer located in Melbourne, Florida. As experts in the field of dietary supplements, we design and manufacture vitamins and supplements for private companies to sell under their own private labels.

With over 60 years in the healthcare field, CebaTek’s founder and president, Bart Bellamy has a unique passion for the industry. The first 30+ years were spent focusing on the pharmaceutical industry with major companies Wyeth and Merck. The last 25 years have been focused on the dietary supplement field.

Bart’s days at Wyeth and Merck were spent working process engineering chemical development followed by days in dosage formulation with an emphasis on capsule and tablet technology.

CebaTek has over 20 years of experience manufacturing and labeling supplements for private companies. Private bottle label clients include medical clinics, chiropractors, retail stores, and pharmacies among others.

Our supplement formulas were designed specifically to meet the intended purpose and were composed after considerable collaboration, consultation, and input from a diverse group of health experts including physicians with an interest in alternative medicine, herbalists, and naturopaths.

Our vitamins and supplements are not only extremely efficacious and comprehensive but also include special combination products that have been proven to achieve balance in various medical and psychological conditions.